Pretty Quilts Quilting


Sock Monkey!!



Double sided Flannel Blanket - Twice the warmth and just as cute on both sides!
Handmade Baby Blanket.  ABC Flannel Double Sided Blanket large - Perfect for Swaddling
Cute as a bug!  Ladybugs and flowers are on display with this cute diaper bag.  Matching Changing Pad
Cute little girls diaper bag!
Back view - just as cute!
View of Back of bag.
Inside view of Ladybug Diaper bag - Lots of pockets!
Inside View = 10 pockets total...6 on the inside and 4 on the outside
Hey Diddle Diddle  - Little girls diaper bag

Girl's "Hey Diddle Diddle" 

Inside view - lots of pockets!

Inside of Girl's "Hey Diddle Diddle"

Back view with matching changing pad

Back Side

This diaper bag features baby rattles, bib, bottles, all of the little cutesy things a baby needs wrapped up in a super cute package in this material.  Matching Changing pad
One of a kind because the fabric is out of print and we grabbed the last yard!
Inside view - lots of pockets!
Inside of this beautiful little girls diaper bag = 10 pockets total!
back view of baby's things diaper bag
Back of bag.
Monkeying around is what this bag is all about - cute monkeys in a bright color!  With Matching changing pad!

Jungle Bag - Cute and Bright!

Inside view - lots of pockets!

Inside of Jungle Bag

Back view - Monkey's everywhere!

Back side

Carousel Bag - so cute with all kinds of different animals!

Bazoople Carousel

Inside view - Lots of pockets!


Backside with matching changing pad


Up close to see the detail
Back view of bag and changing pad

Boy's "Hey Diddle Diddle"

Bye Bye Little Birdie Diaper Bag - Little Girls

Pretty Birds Bag

Inside View - lots of pockets!


Up close so you can see the cuteness

Up close

Hey Diddle Diddle - Little Boy's bag with matching changing pad.

Back Side

Inside view - Lots of pockets


Snoopy Bag - Sold Out but can make to order!  (if the material is still available)

Baby Snoopy

Snoopy Bag - Sold Out  but can make to order!

Inside - How cute are those polka dots??

Snoopy Bag with matching changing pad